WaterFire Providence, RIWaterFire Providence is a unique experience unlike any other  in any city or state anywhere. Perhaps you have heard of it, and perhaps not, but this phenomena, which has grown to receive national and international acclaim started right here in Providence! Originally created by artist Barnaby Evans as a commissioned sculpture installation to celebrate the tenth anniversary of First Night Providence in 1994, its lighting occurred once and then only again in 1996 for the International Sculpture Conference where it was seen by visitors from all over the world. Convinced by supporters to create a permanent fire installation, Evans started a grass-roots effort and established WaterFire as a non-profit arts organization.  By 1997 WaterFire Providence expanded  and has grown ever since, drawing large numbers of people from far and wide. The mystic and druidic appeal of burning wood, fire and water captures those that see it and brings visitors and residents alike to return again and again to enjoy its  illuminating and hypnotic glow.

Today, WaterFire Providence has well over 80 braziers lining the Moshassuck  and Woonaskutuck rivers from their confluence into the heart of the city at Waterplace Park. When lit, the blazing bonfire light creates a river of fire which flickers against the stone pathways of the park, filling the air with the scent of aromatic wood smoke. Multiple attractions celebrate music, dance and performance at venues in the city and along the river edge. These include meandering street performers,  live music at Union Plaza,  scavenger hunts and the TD Bank Ballrooom, where visitors can watch a performance, learn a few steps and bring it to the dance floor. Unique, participatory illuminated installations like Starry, Starry Night and Luminaria Lanterns in the South Main Street Park also inspire the soul. The newest of these installations , Clear Currents, is an on the water, magical array of illuminated Japanese Koi Fish paddling up the river .

To experience WaterFire Providence, is to experience a timelessness and atmosphere that revitalizes the urban experience, fosters community spirit and transforms the city waterways.   The fires, its origins, creation and continuance are testament to  the power of artistic public work in restoring  our urban and social landscape.

Check out the Event Schedule for full and partial lightings through October 16th.

Website:  http://waterfire.org    

2012 Event Schedule: http://waterfire.org/schedule/twenty-twelve/ WaterFire Providence Rhode IslandThe Rhode Guide is dedicated to keeping you informed on all things Rhode Island. While you’re here, please check our real estate rental and sales listings: www.therhodeguide.com.


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